Philosophy of Jotai: Part 1

Daishi Kato
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Hi, I'm author of Jotai, an atomic state management library for React. Jotai repo at GitHub

Jotai's API is fairly easy to learn from docs. It's open source and you can learn details from the code. However, it may not tell why it's developed and how it's designed. To this end, "Philosophy of Jotai" is a material to introduce some background behind the development such as motivation and design choices. It's less like learning material, and more like storytelling material.

Philosophy of Jotai consists of three parts.

  • Part 1: Problem Space
  • Part 2: Basic API Design (Tentative)
  • Part 3: Async API Design (Tentative)

This product is "Part 1" of the series. Audiences are expected to already have good understanding about Jotai's public API.

What's included:

  • 14-min video (MP4 format)
  • Some additional files to create the video such as example code snippets
  • You'll get 14-min video.

  • Size
    210 MB
  • You'll get 14-min video.
  • Size210 MB


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Philosophy of Jotai: Part 1

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